Instagram Vs. Twitter: Which One is best to use in 2018

Instagram is a social media platform that involves sharing pictures. It also has the editing feature and the filters are what add to its attributes. It also allows connectivity through personal messages. On the other hand, Twitter is much more than sharing and editing pictures. It doesn’t allow broad sharing of stuff like Facebook yet is broader than Instagram. It is a small blog writing platform. It involves “tweeting” or sharing with your followers. Now the question here arises whether Instagram or Twitter is more beneficial to use in 2018.

instagram vs twitter


If you are looking for a better platform for your business this year then Instagram must be your first pick and best choice. The new feature of adding stories has remarkably revolutionized instagraming. This feature allows you to add videos and pictures that last up to twenty-four hours. These video clips or pictures on the top of your profile give you an easy access to the new posts. This attracts the attention of your followers which improves your business. In this modern and busy world, people don’t have much time to go through long paragraphs. Promotion of your products through images is what saves the time of your customer and this creates a positive impact on your sales. Instagram also provides the facility of creating an exclusive business account and buy instagram followers like 100 followers from followersin. It allows you to add your brand specifications and contact information. It also allows your client to contact you by giving a separate feature to message you commonly known as DM. It is a stage that visually attracts your client.


Twitter involves tweeting your followers. Trending topic is a Twitter feature that allows you to learn and know what people around the world are talking about. In other words, this helps you know what is trending around the globe. Twitter helps you improve your connection with your customer which also makes it beneficial for any kind of online business. Trending topic allows your clients from around the world to reach to your product and learn about it which promotes and enhances your business. To check out what is the best tweet to campaign your product or business and what type of tweet benefits the most, you can use the conversion tracking feature of Twitter. Twitter allows you to improve your relations with your client and answer their questions and queries in just no time.


For running an online business Instagram is your best choice this year nut for learning that what is going around the earth twitter is where you look for. Instagram is what provides you the best features for running your business in more effective and easier way whereas Twitter gets you to all the breaking news and trendings. You may say that both Instagram and Twitter has its importance. Both are competently used by people. Instagram works better for your business as it now gives you a business tool account whereas twitter helps you get your hand on any information that comes up. So, it’s your need that tells you what is better to or best for you this year.