What is Anxiety?Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

The situation of uneasiness, fear about the future and uncertainty which may result in improper functioning of human body either physically or mentally is defined as anxiety. Anxiety problems cause the stress hormones to enter in the blood cells which ultimately target the sensitive parts of body which result in severity of this problem. In women these hormones have more effect during menstruation cycle as sensitivity of these hormones collides with hormones on monthly cycles. Women also experience severity in the stress problems during pregnancy.

Symptoms of Anxiety Disorders

Most common symptoms of anxiety disorders are sudden panic attacks, insomnia, numbness, dizziness, burning stomach, weakness in body, breathing problems, nausea and dizziness etc. Severity of anxiety disorders depends upon the frequency, intensity and duration of this problem. Panic attack disorders can last from few seconds to hours and this duration of this disease depends upon the severity of problems, hormones level and blood flow speed in the body. Severity of this disorder can be felt through the intensity of heartbeat, sweating, trembling and weakness in muscles etc. as everything is linked with blood circulations and hormones flow in the body. Let’s watch a video to check if you have anxiety?

Social Anxiety disorders:

Anxiety disorders do not only exist in the form of physical or mental problems. But sometimes they can also be seen in the form of actions of a person towards society. Feeling of nervousness to talk to a group of people, unable to speak freely, always thinking about how people will react to you and being sensitive to criticism etc. are also symptoms of this anxiety disorders.


Treatments of Anxiety problems:

It does all depend on the daily life activities of a person. A healthy routine leads towards healthy outcomes. Going for a morning walk, healthy diet plans, sleeping for at least 7-8 hours is an example of a good routine. However, there are many factors like age, diseases, environment and nature of job etc. are unavoidable. These routines also lead towards having anxiety problems. Here are some recommended treatments which can help you to overcome your anxiety problems. There are some medications to treat anxiety that you can buy online like Xanax. Here is how Xanax may looks like.

Healthy life cycle:

Morning walk, healthy diet, proper rest, going to gym, avoiding smoking and alcohol etc. are examples of a good routine and it leads towards overcoming physical, mental and social anxiety problems. Eating vegetables and fruits also add value to human body. Just like old saying “Health is wealth”, if you will take care your health than it will take care of your physical and mental system. For a healthy life cycle you might need some medications as well. ( mediattics.com )

Consult a good doctor:

If you are having severe and more frequent anxiety problems than you must visit a good doctor to help you in finding out the reason behind this problem. Normally, for overcoming these problems most of the doctors recommend to use Xanax. It’s a medicine which is very helpful to overcome this disease. You can observe the differences in your body within 10-15 days. However, doctors do not recommend this medicine to people who are suffering from some other major disease and this medicine is also not recommended to the people who are overage. For the case of women this medicine is also not recommended during pregnancy and monthly cycles.