aviation: From seat to trolley: Sundair launches new webshop

aviation From seat to trolley Sundair launches new webshop


Leisure airline Sundair is launching a new web shop in partnership with Blackforest Aviation. Here you can buy, among other things, catering equipment, model airplanes and much more that was used on board the carrier. The offer should be potentially exciting, especially for collectors.

The area of ​​ancillary business is becoming increasingly important for airlines, because the sale of tickets alone does not bring in enough money, especially for low-cost airlines. So one offers additional options, mediates transfers and hotel rooms or possibly maintains extensive business on board. Sundair is now able to offer an extensive online shop in cooperation with Blackforest Aviation. Of course, the range also includes the trolleys that are popular with aviation enthusiasts. In addition to products that were previously used by Sundair, you can also order other products from the Blackforest range.

« With Backforest Aviation, which has been active in this area for years, we have found the ideal partner to set up the shop for Sundair and to continue the forward-looking strategic planning, » says Robert Stahn, Manager Business Development at Sundair, « we are delighted looking forward to the successful cooperation and being able to offer our guests and fans a piece of Sundair to take home after the flight.”

“The newly created retail area is intended to strengthen Sundair’s brand identity and thus generate greater relevance and a larger catchment area. We will use our tools especially in the areas of content management and social media in order to be able to deliver a first-class result, » says Frank Benz, Managing Director of Blackforest Aviation GmbH.

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