aviation: Thailand: Three new airlines are to be founded

aviation Thailand Three new airlines are to be founded


After a glorious tourism year in 2019, the development of which was not foreseeable for those affected, the Thai authorities were ordered to take precautions. By 2027, 80 million tourists are expected to visit the country every year, which will force the country to increase the number of flights it offers.

This tremendous development of tourism could not be foreseen, so the Minister of Tourism Ratchakitprakarn ordered the authorities to take precautions. This will also be complied with: from a Thai perspective, 27 airlines are active in the airspace industry, three more are to announce their niche entry in 2024. We’re talking about Landarch Airlines, P80 Air and Really Cool Airlines.

Landarch Airlines

The airline Landarch Airlines is to focus on domestic flights in the future. Once the launch of the new airline has been announced, flights to the cities of Betong, Narrathiwas and Surat Thani will be offered three times a day. Flights to Malaysia are also to be offered. The fleet will consist of five Cessna Caravans, with the manufacturer’s first two models expected to enter service next year, while the remaining three aircraft are expected to join the fleet by 2025. The airline will be based at Hat Yai Airport.

P80 air

The boarding of the airline P80 Air is accompanied by the owner Prayudh Mahagitsir. This is planning to enter scheduled air traffic with an investment sum of 55 million euros. The fleet is expected to be 4 Boeing 737-800 aircraft at the beginning of the four-year phase, but within four years the fleet is expected to be 20 aircraft.

Really cool airlines

Really Cool Airlines will track the destination of flights to Australia and Europe. These flights are said to be on Airbus A350, Boeing 787 and Boeing 777-300 ER planes, as these aircraft models aroused the interest of founder Sarasin. Really Cool Airlines’ fleet will initially consist of five planes, but in three years the plan is to have 15 planes in-house.

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