aviation: UFO calls on flight attendants at Lufthansa and Cityline to go on strike

aviation UFO calls on flight attendants at Lufthansa and Cityline


On Tuesday, March 12, 2024 and Wednesday, March 13, 2024, Lufthansa and CItyline passengers will need to have strong nerves again. The UFO union is calling on cabin crew to go on strike.

These should take place on both days between 4 a.m. and 11 p.m. All departures from Frankfurt Airport are confirmed on Tuesday and all departures from Munich Airport on Wednesday. “We call on all cabin employees at Lufthansa and Lufthansa CityLine named in the respective strike calls to stop work to the extent stated there.” It is now up to the employer to respond appropriately to our demands for remuneration. The group announced record results of almost 1.7 billion euros in net profit on Thursday – the third best in the group’s history. Especially against this background, our demands seem appropriate and fair. “The cabin must now also be involved in this success and the concessions made during the Corona crisis must be sufficiently compensated,” explains Joachim Vázquez Bürger, UFO board chairman.

“In around 15 rounds of negotiations, we approached Lufthansa with a strong desire to shape things and find solutions. There are countless opportunities for Lufthansa to abandon or at least correct “red lines” in order to clear the way for a good solution. Well, after 15 rounds without agreement, we unfortunately have to assume that the management wants to escalate things at the expense of the passengers. We can’t understand that. “We would have liked – as was the rule in the past – to find good results for our colleagues at the negotiating table,” adds Harry Jaeger, head of collective bargaining policy and negotiator at UFO. “At Lufthansa CityLine, the management showed itself to be completely inaccessible to our demands for remuneration right from the start.” Instead, in subsequent rounds of negotiations, they stuck to an offer that we had to reject several times as inadequate. Unfortunately, there was no sign of any serious intention on the part of the employer to reach an agreement. Instead, an avoidable industrial dispute is accepted with approval.”

In the past, the participation of cabin crew in strikes called by the UFO union was very high at Lufthansa airlines. For example, a few years ago, flight operations were paralyzed for a few days. Passengers must therefore expect that there will be too many cancellations on Tuesday and Wednesday. Since both Lufthansa and Cityline are on strike, but Air Dolomiti is not, it can be assumed that only a few regional flights will be operated. Those connections that are operated with aircraft from external wet lease partners should also take place.

“We very much regret this step and sincerely apologize to our guests, to whom we feel committed, for the inconvenience this may cause.” We would like to emphasize once again that we have not taken this path lightly and that labor disputes are still the last resort for us . “We have asked our passengers to understand that we now have to go on strike to meet our legitimate demands,” concluded Vázquez Bürger.

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