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The new Eldorado for all mountain bike fans – back into the season from March 1, 2024. The 1,370 kilometers of trails designated for mountain biking last year have been improved for this year.

Cycling in Lower Austria has a “magnetic attraction” for guests from near and far and Kissers stands out as a destination for the Vienna Woods, emphasizes State Governor Johanna Mikl-Leitner. “The Vienna Woods offers unique opportunities for cycling fans – both for excursions and for sporty short holidays. From single trails to multi-day mountain bike and gravel route suggestions, there are trails available in the Vienna Woods for every requirement and skill level. In addition, attractive innovations are constantly being developed, such as new connecting paths to the Anninger mountain bike area. These improve the integration of our operations in the extensive route network. The excellent cuisine and diverse mountain bike routes in the Vienna Woods promise new touring experiences again today.

The cooperation of the Wienerwald mountain bike platform with a wide range of stakeholders from nature, forestry and tourism, the city of Vienna and the landowners of this quality is certainly unique and enables a widely branched network of routes that could be condensed and expanded this year. Compliance with “Fair Play Rules” and forest barriers are essential for unhindered coexistence in the forest. Gerald Oitzinger, operations manager of the Austrian Federal Forests in the Vienna Woods: “The forest is a workplace for us. For safety reasons, it is therefore important to strictly observe temporary restricted areas during timber harvesting and forest maintenance operations. That’s why the Federal Forests have also developed a digital restricted area map to make route planning easier in advance and to show alternative routes. » An improvement that no tourism destination has been able to offer its guests so far. And Andreas Weiß, director of the Vienna Woods Biosphere Park and managing director Michael Wollinger, add: “With the help of current and easily accessible information, we are able to guide more and more mountain bikers to the designated routes that are as nature-friendly as possible.” Due to the unique selling point of the Vienna Woods destination as a biosphere park a particularly important development. Constantly interesting routes and adjustments are important for Andreas Mocha, chairman of the Wienerwald Trails association: “By converting and building new trails, the association manages to create attractive routes that avoid potential conflict areas.” This makes mountain biking in the Vienna Woods almost ideal aims to become a fun and fulfilling hobby and holiday motif.

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